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How to Choose a Backpack

Planning to buy a new backpack for backpacking? There are three main areas where you’ll need to make choices.

Backpack capacity: The size of the pack you’ll need is tied to the length of your trip and how much weight and bulk you want to carry.

Backpack features: These are the refinements that affect how the pack works for you.

Backpack fit: Torso length—not your height—matters most.

Frame Type

Internal-frame backpacks: The majority of packs sold at REI today are body-hugging, internal-frame packs where the structure is hidden inside the back panel. They are designed to keep a hiker stable on uneven, off-kilter terrain and may incorporate a variety of load-support technologies that all function to transfer the load to the wearer’s hips.

External-frame backpacks: With an external-frame pack, you can see the structure that supports the load: aluminum (usually) hardware on the outside. Because the frame extends beyond the packbag, a backpack like this may be an appropriate choice if you’re carrying a heavy, irregular load (like an oversize tent or inflatable kayak). External-frame packs also offer good ventilation and lots of gear organization options.

Frameless backpacks: Ultralight devotees who like to hike fast and light might choose a frameless pack or a climbing pack where the frame is removable for weight savings. But packs without a frame are much more uncomfortable under heavy loads.


Some packs feature a suspended mesh back panel to combat the sweaty-back syndrome you tend to get with internal-frame packs that ride against your body. Also called a “tension-mesh suspension,” this is a trampoline-like design where the frame-supported packbag rides a few inches away from your back, which instead rests against the highly breathable mesh. Other packs will have ventilation channels (sometimes called “chimneys”) in the back panel to solve the same issue.

Why the Shoulder Bag Is Perfect for Post-Pandemic Life

The shoulder bag is back. As we reemerge—whether that entails a return to office life, resuming dinner dates with old friends, or planning travels for the summer—there’s an appetite for the best slouchy handbags that are soft yet comfortable to carry. Recently during the resort 2022 collections, Louis Vuitton made a case for the silhouette, as did Khaite and Balmain, which showcased their own iterations on the catwalk: Louis Vuitton presented its signature monogrammed versions, Khaite displayed its classic minimalist take, and over at Balmain, slouchy bags were oversized and front and center. And just last week Altuzarra released its new Duo bag collection, which features its own unstructured shoulder bag. Altuzarra’s version, however, takes it a step further by offering it in a reversible option—why choose just one color when you can have two?This accessories trend seems to wink at the comfort we’ve all been seeking as of late. We need practicality in our handbags, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cushy and soft. Just as our wardrobes are shifting from cozy pajamas to double-duty dresses and our winter slippers to summer shoes, we’re all looking to ease back rather than rush. Ahead, shop 24 of the best slouchy handbags for post-pandemic life, perfect for all occasions—work, play, travel, and beyond.

What is a hobo bag?

While hobo bag is characterized by its crescent shape, slouchy posture and a long strap designed to be worn over the shoulder. This type of bag is typically large-size and are made from soft, flexible material that tends to slump or slouch when it is set down.

This quirky but somehow still oh-so elegant bag has quickly made its name as a cult favorite. Since the fashion world fell back in love with bucket bags, designers have been putting their own twist on the look, softening the shape to create a more elegant look or applying minimalism to create a more stripped-down statement piece.

There is really no wrong way to wear a bucket bag. You have to love its versatility. Because it is the bag’s shape, not material or print that defines what is a bucket bag, there is endless room for brands to bring their own take to the design. 


Even though the design-new PU bucket bag has a rather minimal shape, it can be endlessly customized to suit any style. From bright and bold patterns to vegan eco-friendly leathers, to canvas and woven raffias, there’s a bucket bag out there for every look. 

These days, it’s almost impossible to walk into a top fashion brand’s store without seeing one. The classic drawstring PU bucket bag is undeniably a solid choice investment for the new decade, as one of spring’s most coveted trends.

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