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A modern party speaker with exhilarating acoustics

Sony recently launched in India the Sony SRS-XG500 party speaker. Though it reminded me of the old boombox music players, it is by no means a retro one but a modern party speaker with a powerful output and wide connectivity options. Although bulky, the SRS-XG500 is a moveable party speaker that is easy to manage irrespective where you throw a party. Priced at Rs 32,999, the speaker seems to be on the expensive side. Is it? Let’s find out:

Build and design

Sony SRS-XG500 party speaker

The cylindrical body gives the speaker a distinct look while the fabric covering brings minimalism. The big handle is sturdy enough for us to carry it anywhere. On the front, there are buttons for power, Bluetooth, volume, play/pause, and a bass boost button. A rubber lid at the back covers power and USB ports and a connector for plugging in a guitar. The two large rubber feet keep the speaker stable when the bass comes in. The sides have LED lights that change colour when you play music and it looks absolutely beautiful under dim or low light. The Sony SRS-XG500 weighs nearly 5 kg but quality material is used so weight isn't much of a factor to point out.

The audio quality of the Sony SRS-XG500 is at par with most of the small-sized trolley-style audio speaker, although it has its own limitations considering it is a portable speaker. That said, the sound is loud and bassy, but at the same time, highly balanced so it will be music for your ears.

For bass lovers, there is a bass boost feature but honestly, the default sound is much better because of the balance. The feature to connect a guitar adds to its credentials as a party speaker. You can also connect the SRS-XG500 with other speakers using Party Connect. There are slight tweaks you can do with the sound and light settings using the Sony Music Centre app. I had to play with the equalizer as the default sound at times doesn't go well with all genres of music.

Overall, the experience was fine as I played songs on full volume on the terrace.

The Sony SRS-XG500 offers up to 30 hours of playtime on a full charge. The battery fares well in real-life scenarios and the backup is close to that Sony claims. The SRS-XG500 is water and dustproof with the IP66 rating, so a slight rain or splash of water and everyday dust won't harm the speaker.

The Sony SRS-XG500 is a speaker with loud and enthralling audio out. Although bulky, it can be taken anywhere - from terrace to park for an enhanced musical experience. The SRS-XG500 brings all the features a modern party speaker should have, not to forget about Sony's signature sound that lights up the party, but at Rs 32,999, it's quite expensive and people may prefer cheaper alternatives that JBL and other brands offer.

Throwing a party anytime soon or planning to attend one? Conventionally, partygoers used to have a big music system with bulky speakers to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the melody. Thanks to technology upgrades, today, you can do so by carrying a small yet powerful fire light speaker. In the last decade, the trend of party speakers has seen a big spike.

With increasing workload, people are now taking every chance they get to loosen up with friends and crank up their favorite music. Incomes party speaker with fire light. Be it a house party, a beach party or even better, a pool party, party speakers are always going to lighten up your guests with incredible sound effects and thumping bass. These are small, portable, and quite powerful.

Yesterday I was writing about the perils and stigma of hearing loss, sometimes caused by listening to loud music. Today I’m reporting on speakers that produce loud music. Hopefully, the two aren’t mutually exclusive because when listening to music in larger rooms or out of doors, you do need more volume.

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