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Everything About Electric Jacks: What Are The Pros And Cons?

Have you ever heard of electric jacks? No ? Well, now you will.

You see those machines that lift and move cars, pallets or any equipment? Those are called Jacks. Jacks are a mechanical device made for lifting heavy things or to apply a great force. There are many types of jacks, you’ve got mechanical ones, hydraulic ones and so many more.

Mechanical ones work thanks to a screw thread, hydraulic ones work using hydraulic power each one has its own pros and cons. But in this article, you’ll find out everything about electric jacks, their types, their pros, and their cons.

Floor jacks

A floor jack is a type of jacks that help you lift a part of any vehicle, it enables you to perform repairs easily on your vehicle, and you can usually find them in car shops or any repair shop.

So if you’re a car shop and still wondering what type of floor jacks should you buy this guide would help you find out.

Electric car jacks

Electric car jacks are equipment used to lift your vehicle. How many times did you suffer from a flat tire or a leaking pipe and wished you had a car jack on you? I bet it’s a number of times. Many people just in case of an emergency, buy and store portable electric jacks for times of needs in their vehicles.

These inventions help you lift your car in a matter of minutes. They help you get underneath your car to do what you’ve got to do with all the support you need. For you to own these devices doesn’t oblige you to be a handyman. Anyone can own an electric car jack just in case of any problem with their vehicles.

Pros: They’re easy to use, they sometimes come with a kit that includes pump and wrench, they include a durable case for tools, they aren’t heavy and they can be portable, they don’t take much space and can be stored in your vehicle.

Cons: They can be quite pricy, most of these car jacks don’t have great longevity, some don’t handle heavy weight, some have short heights and they can even experience leaking.

If you’re wondering now which electric jack to get then see these electric car jacks here would be the answer.

Electric pallet jacks

These ones are used for moving pallets and for low-level lifting, they are also known as walkies, power jacks, electric pallet trucks and so on. They’re mostly used in warehouses or in big storage facilities where there are so many heavy things stored.

They contain a place for the operator and user to stand on so they can control it when moving things. They’re supposed to ease the process of lifting things in storage rooms. Their front wheels are usually mounted inside the end of their forks. When used, the forks get separated from the front wheels vertically

Pros: Easy to use thanks to the electric drive, they’re efficient, produce no noise, don’t pollute, they’re flexible and simple; you don’t have to an expert to handle them.

Cons: daily maintenance, electronic control, pricy, has a lot of accessories.

Electric tongue jacks

Now this is the jack for campers, trailers, and even boats! It’s used to raise and lower these means of transportation. How do they work?

For example: Jack is used to support and lift a camper’s tongue and keep it leveled up even when it’s not attached to the tow vehicle.

Pros: Gives you less work and it’s easy to use especially for older people and for those who suffer from shoulder pain.

Cons: It’s expensive, doesn’t last long, can be broken easily.

Electric jacks are very important especially if you’re getting older, or suffer from shoulder pain which is becoming a more common problem between the majority of people. Electric jacks make everything easier which is why you should consider owning one.

Having a car jack in your vehicle in case of an emergency can mean the difference between 20 minutes to change a flat tire and being stranded on the road for hours, waiting for help. Whether you go off-road with your vehicle and need to lift it frequently, or just want something in case of an emergency, we’re here to help you find the best electric car jack for your needs.

Why Buy an Electric Car Jack?

Add to your tool collection. No matter what skill level you have when it comes to vehicle maintenance, having an automatic car electric jack can be handy to have around. As part of a basic set of automotive tools, the power car jack can be used on most cars, boats, trailers, and off-road vehicles.

Prepare for an emergency. Just like an LED road flare kit, a flashlight, some spare water bottles, and non-perishable food items, a SUV electric jack could be a great way to round out your emergency preparedness kit. If you can purchase a carrying case with everything inside, it’s as simple as placing the unit in your car’s trunk.

Replace your old/manual jack. Electric car jacks relieve the physical strain of cranking a manual jack and shorten the overall repair time dramatically. If it’s time to invest in a new model that will do the job right and get you home safe, check out the electric car jack as an option.

At-home auto repair. Whether it’s early in your mechanic career or you’re a weekend wrencher, having an electric car jack on hand means you can spend more of your time tooling around on the rest of the car and less time cranking a manual jack.

Electric Car Jack Types


This type of jack is usually hydraulic-powered and resembles the shape of a short and stubby bottle. Because of this compact design, they’re desirable for larger vehicles where clearance isn’t necessarily an issue. Though they’re not ergonomically shaped for easy storage, they do often have a higher weight limit than your typical electric floor jack.


You’ll likely see a lot of mechanics using—and owning—this type of car jack. Though it’s manually operated, it works on the same basic principle as all jacks; it uses a mounting point and a lifting system to hold the car during a lift. Floor jacks typically roll on four wheels and come with a detachable handle that pivots up and down to lift the car.

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