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What Is Microfiber Leather

Microfiber leather is an abbreviation of ultrafine fiber PU synthetic leather. It is a non-woven fabric made of three-dimensional structure network by carding acupuncture with microfiber staple fiber. After wet processing, PU resin impregnation, alkali reduction, and dermabrasion and polishing And other processes eventually make microfiber leather. It is made by adding ultra-fine fiber to PU polyurethane, which makes the toughness, air permeability and abrasion resistance further strengthened; it has extremely excellent abrasion resistance, excellent cold resistance, breathability, and aging resistance. Eco-friendly, Comprehensive performance beyond real leather. Widely used for automotive, garment, bags, sofa, shoes, boots, basketball, belt, jewellery box and so on. We are specialize in microfiber leather production manufacture.We provide the optimal leather options, the best leather substitute and best leather alternatives for automotive seat covers and interiors, furniture & sofa upholstery, footwear and shoes, bags, garments, gloves, balls, etc.

While synthetic leather were once considered not suitable for high quality shoes,  PU microfiber leather has changed how shoes are made.

We found this video, below, that tests how durable shoes made with suede microfiber leather are. Check it out!

The difficulty in dyeing microfiber base filled with ordinary polyurethane presents a significant challenge in maintaining the uniformity and highly realistic appearance of the resulting products. In the present study, a type of acid-dyeable polyurethane (PU-MDEA; MDEA=N-methyldiethanolamine) was synthesized, and its chemical structure and dyeing properties were investigated. Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis indicated that cationic groups were successfully incorporated into the PU-MDEA backbone via chain extension using MDEA. The amorphous nature of PU-MDEA was determined by differential scanning calorimetry, X-ray diffraction, and polarizing optical microscopy. Owing to the strong binding between these cationic groups and acid dye, as well as the reduced resistance to dye penetration, PU-MDEA showed better dyeability toward the acid dyes studied herein when compared with the control sample (microfiber synthetic leather filled with ordinary polyurethane). The adsorption isotherm experiment revealed that the dyeing process conformed to the Langmuir model, thereby indicating that the acid dyes attached to PU-MDEA via strong ionic bonding rather than van der Waals forces or hydrogen bonding. Additionally, it was found that the wastewater resulting from the dyeing of the microfiber synthetic leather filled with PU-MDEA exhibited environmentally friendly characteristics when compared with that displayed by the control sample (microfiber synthetic leather filled with ordinary polyurethane). Thus, the current results show the potential of PU-MDEA, as a filler, in the manufacture of microfiber synthetic leather to achieve fast dyeing rate, high dye uptake, and good color fastness, thereby improving the uniformity and highly realistic appearance of the resulting products.

A much more sophisticated form of faux leather: polyurethane resin and ultra- fine microfiber leather for automotive are combined to replicate the microscopic structure of leather. The complexity of its construction mean that it is more expensive than other faux products but it does have a number of advantages over bonded leather. It doesn’t scratch or tear and is non-fading. It breathes like real leather but it also has ant -bacteria and anti-mildew properties. Unlike bonded leather it is completely odourless.

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